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Gravity Master

Description: Collect all rotating circles with the black ball. You can move the ball by drawing shapes with mouse and using physics. The ways of completing a level is only limited by your imagination and line limit. Complete 15 levels to unlock level editor. I recommend to lower your mouse sesitivity. P.S. This is the first game I ever made

Category: Action

Number of Times Played: 248054


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Reviews for Gravity Master

Review by bob

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Review by dick in your face

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Review by mike hall

It is not the funest game I have played but it is okay

Review by Stacey


Review by mike hawk

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Review by lukas

good game

Review by taylor

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Review by Kieran Joyce

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Review by ixforgottenxi

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Review by your mom

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Review by poop dust

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Review by cookie

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Review by rasheed

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Review by rasheed

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Review by jew

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Review by cute chick

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Review by michael Jackson

i would like this game but a bowling ball really i use that for happy time every once and a while its alot of fun but the ballooons and stuffffff i like what those ppl said under nieth

Review by Huh?

This is sooooooooo hard...

Review by penis

this game gives me a boner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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