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:the game:

Description: 'the game' is a representation, a satire, of the world we know, love, and cherish today. If 'the game' is the most downright bizarre thing you've ever seen, I've done my job.

Category: Adventure

Number of Times Played: 44152


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Reviews for :the game:

Review by Smooth

This game sucks !

Review by Kimimaro

Um, Im confused

Review by James Price

This game sucks dick, an so do all u lil mutha fuckin cock suckin bitches

Review by Ricky

Lol this game is freakin hilarious and the ending of it is so true...

Review by loosey

it was horrible!!!! I hate it!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Review by courtney


Review by JT

THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Simon Says

Simon Says, this game stop's at the Max Games Logo.

Review by bob

this game sucks

Review by DTAM

this game is kiak ass!!!

Review by Joy

this game is crap,I hate it

Review by Joy

I love this game

Review by Andrew Krasnoff

It doesn't load. I hate myself. Plz call my phone. 000

Review by RAY J


Review by eza

i hate thiz game

Review by black man

i like it........SHIT-FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Review by loller

its as awesome as 5@#^ and u cant denie!!!!

Review by JIMMY DEAN

i like jimmy dean sausage

Review by tony

this game sucks

Review by bby chocolate

wow this game is freakin attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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