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The Chinese food is world-renowned. Do you like Chinese Food? So play this game. The game offers 10 Chinese food, including nine as a hidden menu, you need to get them by your hard work. Game description: operation: Mouse pushed around a desktop to move the cursor to the food, press the left mouse button to access points. Victory conditions: Within limited times, the player's score greater than or equal to the task (the task for dynamic tasks, with the increase of food). State food At the top of screen is a status bar, representing different states of food. White: that food for a living, cannot be eaten, a score of 0. Green and white: that food can be eaten, with the green bar growth, scores become higher. Red: that food is best, the highest score. Black and yellow: that the food taste a bit burnt, black bar growth, scores low. Black: The food had been burned, cannot be eaten, score of 0. There is a score about cook level in the game. The higher level can make higher score, the number of score is increasing per time. Only the status is red, the cooking level can increase 1 point.

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