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    hey everyone,

    this idea popped up in my head yesterday,
    i want all of you to write things that you learn every day and how you benefited from them,
    or you could tell us any new accquired concept on that particular day that we could benefit from,

    This will be our special English Forum Diary that people could benefit from,

    i'll start off by saying what i've learnt today,,

    i learnt that life is not meant to be happy,, its a test to see how we pass through chaos and disasters,, and if we do have good happy days we should be most greatfull and thankfull~

    hope this idea works out,,

    best wishes


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    الرد: English Forum Diary

    nice idea famous , I guess it's brilliant ,

    for me today I realized that true friendship never dies , the friendship which is constructed on loyality , love and respect , and not all who are called "friends" are not real friends , friends are like precoius treasure that can't be found easily ,,,

    come on guys , let's share our experiences and thanx alot famous for this nice topic
    Mohamed Amin