Let me breathe

I want to sleep, but not forever
I want keep my eyes, my heart
in the deep level

I dream like all people
good life,
childeren and wife
as a good novel

No one has ever told me,
selling tobacco become big crime
and exportiing weapon just fine!

Oh policeman,
do you feel sorry?
let me tell you some thing
but not long or big history
just i can not breathe
you love killing me hurry?
where is a lawman?!

I do nothing hidden
i didn't know it was forbidden
fresh air in the street town
just i want breathe
like any sitezen

I liked my simple life
befor it killed without knife
no blood no crying
I could just some words:
i can not breathe

If you hate me, i do not
but i ask oh human:
where is your kindness
toword a peaceman,
who looking for happyness
not looking for breathless

I want live but not forever
just some years in a good weather
,I want keep my children
my family by some saver

:but, stoneheart no listen to
let me please
let me breathe
in this open street
he was happy to get any resean
to make me can not breathe

Oh people'
you did listen me
you have seen me!
but no one helped me

when I coud not breathe

they may do the same to you
so doesn' help to cry
and to to try
just say you cann't brearhe.