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    الرد: The Political Corner

    The agreement comes now

    The same words you mentioned it

    I was thinking of .

    Yes I were inclined a little bit to AlQaeda since she is fighting in Afghanistan and evacuated the Russians from our Muslim lands but, when she doesn't care for who is going to be killed I stopped that feeling.

    I totally agree with you !!

    About Jihad don't you think it is legal now in Iraq

    I want to talk about sth ..

    America really disparage our identity as Muslims & Arabs

    She comes out from that home and entered this home with no Permission AS she thinks she is the most powerful country in the world

    No body can prevent her from doing what she wants.

    So, this made a provocation for some of the people whom have magnanimity and go to fight this little rats who called marines and try to remove them from our dear "precious" land in Iraq

    " why I said little rats"


    Basically, American Soldiers aren't like the Russians ones"

    I will elaborate this when I get some more times !

    I can see the end of US in Iraq

    And I hope so

    Well I have just found some times to write these short sentences

    But I promise if I have ended my Med-Term Exams

    I will immediately

    come back

    Hang on

    my best friend


    please bear with me

    I quote this for you:

    Imagine those " rats" who called Marines


    Like this

    His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
    There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
    He’s nervous, but on the service he looks calm and ready
    To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting…



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      الرد: The Political Corner

      Don't worry my dear brother , Take all your time in Exams , and from me >>> I wish you all the Good luck

      I'm waiting for you to continue the conversation

      with my best wishes

      Mohamed Amin


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        الرد: The Political Corner

        hello my brothers sorry i wasnt with u in this conversation because i was busy with thanks to put this issue for discussions
        as u know am iraqi man so my opinion will represent what i saw every day not what u saw on the news really my friends there are plans for this voilence there are hiden hands that move this play but unfortunetly the only victems are the iraqi peoples
        i tell u what happen here we are aprisoners in our home we afried from the roads ,the cars &every place we go we feel that thereis abomb or some on thatwill explosive him self in order to make america go away from here just astupid that wash his brian by money or tell him that is the only way to fight america by kill 1000 of his brother for 1 or nothings from amercans
        in fact where is amercan in market or in hospital or or or u can imagen
        there is no jehad here just aterrorism except in some time when we here that some one suicid &kill only amercan as happen in almosel i think u here about it and some other littel places
        i donot know what happen in the future but am depressed from this misrable situation here ,i dont trust the new covernment or american because all of them are thivers or use us for their purpuse
        we lose our men ,there is magration of our doctor,ingenerist even workers more than was in the past.
        so we are anarea for fight not for jehad &this is the america was want
        my friends keep yours eyes on your contery because usa will not stop by it self .
        with may best wishes to u 2
        and to all may arab contery to live in piece


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          الرد: The Political Corner

          my dear brother soum ,

          I reall was waiting for you to discuss with us this issue , and I was eager to hear your point of view , because you are living the moment there in the lovely Iraq , may allah help you my brother and help all our brothers and families in Iraq .

          I agree with you in all what you've said my brother , I can imagin how horrible the life there , being afraid of any bomb could explode any minute is something really worrying and horrible , and terrorests who see in the iraqi soil a good soil to plant there terrorestic actions , and that's all because of the american occupation and their unjustice actions there

          I've a question my brother , an An iraqi citizen , how do you think the Iraqi people should fight iraq? , what is the best way?

          I'm waiting for ur answer my brother , and I'll be back
          Mohamed Amin